Teflon PTFE series
Expanded PTFE sealant joint
PTFE Tubing(Fine power)
PTFE Diaphragm
PTFE o-ring
PTFE envelope non-asbestos
PTFE sheet
FEP envelope viton o-rin
PFA Tubing
Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
Gland Packing series
PTFE packing
PTFE Graphite packing
Carbon fiber packing
Flexible graphite packing
Aramid fiber packing
Acrylic Nitrile packing
PTFE Muti-Filament packing
Asbestos packing with PTFE
Spiral wound gasket
Gasket series
Ring joint gasket
Lens Gasket
Corrugated gasket
Camprofile gasket
Double jacket graphite gasket
Plastic products
Die formed graphite ring
    Our Co., ltd is a manufacturer supplying all kinds of gaskets and sealing parts. It came into the existence ten years ago. With "highly sincere, highly rapid, highly efficient" as our principle, we developed many new products (for example the list of Expanding PTFE sealing tape etc.)to meet civil need. Our products are widely used in mechanical work, nuclear power plant, petrochemical plant, electric power work, traffic, medicine work, ........
Expanded PTFE Joint Sealant
Expanded PTFE sealant joint
Spiral wound gasket
PTFE Graphite packing
Die formed graphite ring
Pall ring
IMpac ring

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